pickling cucumbers

pickling cucumbers

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I have run into a problem with my cucumbers with my second attempt. It's only been a week and they developed bubbles under their skin and some of them just fell apart. THe pickles don't smell good and they seem to have rotted rather than fermented. This batch much to my dismay has gone into the composter.
I followed the recipe in the book but used a bigger jar this time and put waxed paper over the lid. I used dill weed, garlic, and 3 or 4 oak leaves, packed the cucumbers into a 2 litre jar and poured the brine over everything. Skimmed off the top but it was more foamy this time than last time.
Has anyone else have a pickle attempt go wrong like this? My last batch were awesome I figured it should be easy, but apparently not.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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