another drinks problem: this one is physics and coffee

another drinks problem: this one is physics and coffee

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I love to make ice-coffee. I have a big glass, probably about 28 oz, that I make it in. Modus operandi is to french-press brew about 12 oz of water with 3 tablespoons of coffee, making a bit of really strong coffee, then pour it over the glass full of ice. Any space between the liquid and the top gets filled with milk, and I stir it all together. My question is: Does the rate I pour the coffee over the ice effect how much of it melts?
See, the less ice has to melt in order to cool my coffee, the better for the drink; the coffee stays stronger, less watery, and the milk makes up a greater proportion of the drink, making it richer.
My reasoning that it should make a difference is not based on any science, but on the fact that in StarCraft, if you attack with overwhelming force all at once, you defeat your enemy (i.e. melt the ice). However, if you were send the same number of troops just a few at a time, you would do hardly any damage, and the ice would stay ice. So, is StarCraft in any way a lifelike model for energy exchange?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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