Portuguese Stills and Rectification Lentil

Portuguese Stills and Rectification Lentil

Сообщение johntimber » 22 апр 2018, 10:57


I am considering the acquisition of a copper pot still made in Portugal. Most of the websites selling those nicely crafted stills also propose rectification lentils.
Who among you knows how those lentils are design ? Read on the website of Montaya Rum that there is a kind of spiral inside.
Does anyone got a picture or drawing on this lentil ? Am really curious to understand since from the outside it looks like an empty flying saucer you are cooling on the top…

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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Re: Portuguese Stills and Rectification Lentil

Сообщение svetik1 » 28 апр 2018, 17:22

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