Can air move a water meter?

Can air move a water meter?

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We are on the local agricultural supply for water which is always a bit hit and miss as to when the water is actually on. The meter (and therefore the on/off 'tap') is some distance from the house so it's not easy to regularly check when it may be on or not, particularly when it is up a very steep (and currently) hot hill from our house!
We turned it on yesterday and it just hissed a lot and although we couldn't hear water going through it the meter was spinning around and we wondered if it would move if just air went through the meter. Last year we ran out of water when, according to our calculations, we should have had 100m3 left in the tank. It is not our tank or 'action' of water, but we have control over turning it on and off and it serves just our house and a neighbouring little-used holiday home (where we have access to their water meter so know their usage). It is very difficult to see in it and huge (ie too big for a dip-stick to measure the height of water) so difficult to judge how much is in it
Although my OH thought he'd fully turned it off last night this morning the meter had moved another 15m3. The meter is relatively new so presumably not faulty. At the moment the water is not on although we thought it always was on a Sunday, so it's all a bit of pain trying to monitor what is happening. Having run out every year since we lived here and with possible water problems due to the drought (and extra usage on all the many 1000s of mangoes planted) we thought we should keep it topped up. I am not sure if there is a ballcock or not to turn it off, and we are limited to a monthly amount we can put in so can't just leave the tap on.

Any help will be apprecited.

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