Cold smoking some bacon - need humidity?

Cold smoking some bacon - need humidity?

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I've read a wealth of information here on the site and in books/forums. Am ready to get my cold smoke "on" next week after I put my bellies into cure this evening. One thing I've read here is the importance of higher humidities when you are cold smoking. I live in Northern Illinois and temps are expected to get cold next week (like 19 degrees F, -7C). I'm planning on building a small fire in my reverse flow smoker with the bacon hanging in the pit warmer and am expecting to keep temps in the 50F range as I cold smoke it for several hours. However, with the ambient temperature expected to be so low at 50F in the smoker the relative humidity will no doubt be quite low. So is it a good idea to put some sort of water pan in the pit to keep moisture or does this even matter for something like bacon?

Please help.

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